Instructions for Study-Abroad Students with Financial Aid at Their Home Campus
(Notes from the study abroad handbook published by the VSU's Center for International Program)
  1. If students do not currently receive financial aid, you can go to the Financial Aid Office and pick up a Free Application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA). Students should submit the completed application to the Financial Aids Office.
  2. If students will be participating in a summer program, make sure you apply for summer session aid.
  3. If you are participating in a program not sponsored by your home campus, pick up a Consortium Agreement Enrollment Form from the Financial Aid Office. Submit the completed form to the Financial Aid Office.
  4. If financial aid will not cover all of your charges, make sure that the Bursary office and the program coordinator will receive the remainder of fees not covered by financial aid when payments are due.
  5. Make sure that you sign all promissory notes associated with your loans before you leave the country. Loans will not be disbursed without a signed promissory note on file at the financial aid office. It may be a good idea for you to designate power of attorney to someone here so that person can sign legal documents for you while you are away.
  6. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for Regents Study Abroad Scholarship, and explore other sources of funding at
  7. Students pay tuition separate from program fees. Tuition is paid directly to the institution where the students is registering for courses.
  8. Program fees may be paid by check, make out to Dalton State College, and sent to the Program Director by the participating professor or Asia Council campus representative.
  9. Tuition and program fees may be due before students receive financial aid checks. If possible, work with your financial aid office to arrange early disbursement of checks. If students are not able to receive financial aid in time to make payment deadlines, contact the bursary office or local banks to inquire about short-term loans. It will not be possible for students to pay program fees late, as these fees are used to cover program costs due by specific dates.
  10. When in doubt, call the financial aid office, the bursary, your program director, or the office of international program